Ayr, ON – In 1923, Leslie Vincent embarked on a journey of selling tractor parts from a humble wheelbarrow in downtown Ayr, ON. Over the years, his sons Warren and Marlen joined him, and together they established a thriving International Harvester Farm Equipment Dealership. Taking over the business in 1955, Warren and Marlen oversaw a period of remarkable growth for Vincent Farm Equipment. They built a new facility on Northumberland Street in Ayr and expanded their reach with branches in Cambridge, Seaforth, and Woodstock. Following Leslie’s belief in the power of collaboration, Vincent’s became one of the leading International Harvester dealers in Canada and ranked among the top 10 in North America.

As a family business, the Vincents relocated to the communities they served, raising their families within these close-knit areas. Marlen and his sons Bryan and Barry owned and operated the Seaforth location, later adding a shop in Exeter. Warren’s son Doug opened a dealership in Woodstock, while his daughter Joan purchased the Galt location and operated as Vincent Lawn and Garden. Warren’s son Dave remained in their hometown of Ayr, managing the Northumberland location.

During the 1960s, the VFE staff and their families developed a passion for snowmobiling. Initially selling Motoski and later Bombardier Ski-Doos, the powersports division experienced rapid growth thanks to the third generation’s enthusiasm and love for the products they sold.

In the 90s, the concept of Team Vincent was introduced to create a dedicated division for the recreational side of the VFE business. Annual sled rides, grass drags, and snowcross racing solidified the need and desire to provide a space for customers in this niche market.

In 2001, Warren’s son Dave and his wife Teri opened Team Vincent Motorsports in a building on the same property as Vincent Farm Equipment in Ayr. Their goal was to pursue their passion for the recreational industry while remaining rooted in the incredible community of Ayr.  The family has always placed great importance on community involvement and support, a tradition that continues to this day.

As the family celebrates 100 years in Ayr, they remain grateful for the legacy that has shaped them and look forward to continuing their journey in the community. Team Vincent Motorsports Inc still operates as the remaining Vincent Family Business at the Northumberland Street location.  You may often even catch the fifth generation kids cleaning units in the showroom and enjoying the rides.

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